Jul 26 2014

Formula Drift Round 5 Evergreen Speedway



It’s always a warm welcoming environment with the fans in Seattle! It’s great to see so many dedicated fans stopping by Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film pit area.


This being Joon’s favorite track, he was dialing in with the track in the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13. The crew at Bink Industries made changes to better suit this particular track in Seattle.


DSC_3087As the day progressed, The Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 was riding the upper line on the high speed bank.



“Thank you all for joining us for “By Grace I Drift” prayer meeting! It was a truly Blessing experience with you all!” says, Joon Maeng.

Bank Drift

For this round the Team installed new Feal Supension, made a few suspension upgrades at Bink Industries to improve in the handling of the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13. Joon qualified for the main show and was up against Chelsea Denofa.

Chasing Denofa

“It was great driving out in Honduras earlier this year with Chelsea. It is always fun driving with Chelsea as he is an amazing driver!” says, Joon Maeng.


Eliana Iwami has been a big fan of Joon Maeng since 2007.  She is dreaming big! “It’s always awesome to see Eliana, her family and many of our amazing fans to inspire us!” says, Joon Maeng.


intro 2

Driving down to Top 16 Driver’s Introduction as Joon salutes to fans in the grand stand.

intro 3

Driver’s Introduction.

chase moen

After advancing into the top 16, Joon Maeng was up against Kenny Moen in the S14. There was some contact on the exit portion of the bank when Kenny was chasing Joon which caused some damage on the rear control arm.

Leading Dmac

Entering into the great 8 battle against Darren McNamara


chase 3 dmac

Unfortunately, during Saturday morning’s warm up, team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film was low on power as one of the cylinders was hurt.

chase Dmac

The team gave it all they had with what they had.

leadig dmac 2

Overall Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film made it to the great 8. Currently, the team is preparing for Round 6 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship! The engine is getting worked on at Duttweiler’s, installing some new components from JE Pistons, Brodix, Crower Performance, Vortech and also ACT clutch! Bink Industries crew will make sure the car will be fresh and ready for the next round out in Texas.

“Thank you fans and partners for your amazing support!” Says, Joon Maeng.

Jun 27 2014

Formula Drift New Jersey 2014


The crew from Bink Industries prepared the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 at Elite JDM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before round 4 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship.

New Jersey rayno 2014 (14)

Thursday practice started off wet but as the day progressed, the sun came out drying the track for the remainder of the practice.

New Jersey rayno 2014 (2)

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film made sure to dial in the Feal Suspension and enjoyed driving on the new Hawk Performance Products. Crew Chief Nate Haugh and crew member Francis Lalangan made the adjustments necessary for this layout at Wall Speedway. New Jersey rayno 2014 (9)

Joon Maeng was ready and excited to get behind the wheel of the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13!   20140621_140644[1]

In the pits there were many young future champs visiting by with a big smile! The team made sure to give them some goodies to take home. New Jersey rayno 2014 (8)

The goal for qualifying was to run high line on the bank and produce as much smoke as possible with the Maxxis MA Z1 Drifting Tires. New Jersey Clip point 2014

Being precise is very important in the Formula Drift Pro Championship! 20140621_163435[1]

It was a Blessing to have met everyone here at Wall Speedway and a great honor to have you all involved in the “By Grace I Drift” prayer meeting! We appreciate your support and congrats to the winners of the Q and A game giveaway! New Jersey rayno 2014 (44)

Focused and ready for battle! New Jersey 2014 Chase Forsberg

Currently leading the Formula Drift Pro Championship, Chris Forsberg was matched up with Joon Maeng for the Top 32 battle. New Jersey rayno 2014 (25)

It was a sold out event and the crowd was full of excitement! New Jersey 2014 Leading Forsberg

The battle between Maeng and Forsberg was thrilling! Although there was a small fire under the hood due to over flow on the catch can, Maeng managed to cross the finish line. The crew at Bink Industries will make sure the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 will look new and upgrade the overflow tank for round 5 FD Pro Championship! New Jersey 2014 run 4

Duttweiler engine powered with Crower Products, Brodix heads, Holley Products, Aeromotive, JE Pistons and Vortech Supercharger ran strong! The Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film looked good producing Maxxis Tire smoke!


Thumbs up to all of Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film fans and partners!

Jun 6 2014

Formula Drift Rd. 3 Homestead Speedway


Miami Rayno 2014 (6)

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film lined up on the new track at Homestead Speedway. Jeff Lansdell and Nate Haugh at Bink Industries setup the S13 to handle the  new configuration . Ready for a full day of Thursday practice!

Miami Rayno 2014 (5)

Pedal to the metal! After a couple of laps here at Round 3 of Formula Drift Pro Championship, Joon was looking comfortable behind the wheel of the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13.

Miami Rayno 2014 (1)

Here’s Joon running tandem with fellow driver’s for Friday’s session. During the Driver’s meeting the judges stated they wanted to see the front bumper right over those rumble strips.


“I had a blast and it was a true blessing to have met all the amazing fans in Miami!” Says, Joon Maeng  The line was full of excited fans during the autograph session.


Lined up and ready for qualifying!

Miami Rayno 2014 (2)

Team ran into a couple of bugs on the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 during the weekend. The crew did a phenomenal job to get the car ready for two qualification runs.

Miami Rayno 2014 (3)

Although the points received from the two runs weren’t enough to qualify, the team is hopeful and looking forward to doing better for Formula Drift Round 4 in New Jersey!

erase 2

Thank you all for following and supporting our partners at LucasOil, Mav TV, Rayno Film, Protect The Harvest,  Bink Industries,  Maxxis Tires, Dr. Smoothie, Holley Performance, Sams Auto Land, Vortech Superchagers Enjuku Racing, Nexus Visuals, Varrstoen Wheels, Crower Cams, APR Performance, Seibon Carbon, Brodix Cylinder Heads Inc., Advanced Clutch, American RV Inc., Aeromotive, Sparco USA, Titanium Metal Supply, Duttweiler, LSAuto, Feal Suspension, Spyder Auto, K&N Filter, Hawk Performance and JE Pistons!



May 16 2014

Formula D Road Atlanta


Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (10)

“I’m so amazed and grateful how the crew at Bink Industries: Crew Chief Nate Haugh, Shine Lopez, Francis Lalagan and Jeff Lansdell got the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 looking new again! Paint and body work was completed in a couple days thanks to Sam’s Auto Land in Gardena, Ca. We truly couldn’t have done this without the support of our partners and fans!” Says Joon Maeng.



The Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film Team enjoyed meeting Peanut and many fans out here in Road Atlanta! Some drove out all the way from Texas to meet the team once again at Round 2 of the Formula Drift Pro Championship! Peanut enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat which was great to see it make his day!

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (11)

During the practice session, Crew Chief Nate Haugh at Bink Industries made a gear change to suit the track which enabled to be flat out on the throttle throughout the course.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (7)

Plenty of power going up towards the  horseshoe.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (12)

As the day progressed Joon was looking comfortable and getting the line fine tuned for qualifying.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (8)

Proximity is very crucial in the Formula Drift Pro Championship.  The line approaching the outer zone was on point in the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13.


Swarming with fans and media during the autograph session in Hotlanta. ” The excitement and positive energy from our fans is electrifying!” Says, Joon Maeng.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (13)

Good speed coming back down from the horseshoe portion of the track. The fans loved to hear the 1125hp Duttweiler, Crower, Brodix, JE Piston, Vortech Supercharged engine roaring on track!


The crew stayed busy showing the details of the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 and introducing partners products.


” It’s quite surprising to see fans waiting in line early as 5:30 in the morning to get into the venue.  I’m so Blessed and thankful to have such amazing support from our fans! Thank you all for joining us “By Grace I Drift” prayer meeting!” Says, Joon Maeng.



Every year Peanut’s family never fails to stop by to get their shirts and goods signed by Joon.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (2)

As qualification rounds were approaching, dark clouds started to form and boom came the rain. Right before Joon’s first qualifying run, the rain came pouring down which made it an interesting round of qualification.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (3)

” With the power band we are running this year, it definitely made it a great challenge to drift in the wet.” Says, Joon Maeng

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (4)

Joon managed to drift the entire course from start to finish being the only few to put down points on the board as many driver’s struggled from spinning out from the storm.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (5)

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film managed to lay down scores for both of their qualifying runs, however it was on the bubble from the Top 32 qualification.

Road Atlanta 2014 Rayno Film (6)

Unfortunately, the points achieved weren’t enough to make it through the qualification rounds.


On the brighter side the Team had more quality time to spend with our fans.  Ryan was super excited to have won the Spyder Auto tail lights.


As a fan favorite, the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film pit was filled with fans and their family members visiting and winning more goodies. The team is ever so grateful to have everyone’s support to make it possible to live the dream!

Apr 12 2014

2014 Formula Drift Pro Season Opener



Team Lucas Oil, Mav TV, and Rayno Film in Long Beach Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 1 at Tech with Kevin Wells and Doug Artus.


Looking sharp before hitting the track!


The crew at Bink Industries kept busy during the off season upgrading suspension with more angle, rear mount radiator, rebuilding front and rear end, quick change rear end, new plumbing, harness,  fabricate new bars with Titanium Metal Supplies, paint and body work at Sam’s Auto Land, Aeromotive fittings, Feal Suspension, Vortech Supercharged engine built by Duttweiler Performance with Brodix Cylinders Heads, Crower Performance Products, JE Pistons tuned on Holley EFI unit pushing 1125hp and the list goes on and on!  Nate Haugh, Shine Lopez, Francis Lalangan and Jeff Lansdell definitely had their hands full completely rebuilding the s13 during the off season to focus on chasing that championship this season!

Rayno Photo Long Beach sr driver turn 9

“Getting behind the wheel of the 1100+hp drifting machine was refreshing and at the same time a great amount of adjusting to this new animal!” says Joon Maeng.


Team Lucas Oil, Mav TV, and Rayno Film is a fan favorite spot in the pits for all ages! With dedicated fans from all these years, the Team is ever so thankful to have support from all of their amazing fans!

Rayno Photo Long Beach driver front sr

It was such a meaningful moment for the crew at Bink Industries to see the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 on track smoking up those Maxxis Tires and screaming out 1100+ hp out of the exhaust. This was a joyful and exciting point for the team.


Joon and the crew always enjoy spending quality time in the pits with Brother Zac, Tom Bogner and of course all the fans / partners! The Team is so thankful to have everyone’s support and inspiration to pursue the dream!

Rayno Photo Long Beach (1) SR pass

The weekend was looking very smooth! It was filled with many interviews from the media and also many practice runs before qualifying! The runs were looking  better as the day went by. Joon was definitely getting the hang of the new machine but he seemed not quite 100% with the new setup.

Rayno Photo Long Beach SR Driver Pit

During qualification round it took Joon, his crew and many others in shock! Joon ended up running a little too hot in the main sweeper and got in contact with the furious Long Beach Grand Prix K-rails that hurt the car enough not to continue on into the next session.  Video posted on:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbuwib5DIcI

Thank GOD Joon and the crew are not hurt! The crew at Bink Industries is working hard to get the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 back up to come out strong for Formula Drift Round 2 in Road Atlanta!

The team is so grateful to have Sam’s Auto Land’s support with all the body and paint work.

“I’m so Blessed to have such a dedicated crew and support from all of our amazing partners / fans to keep us going strong! Thank you all for having Faith and support in us! Looking forward to seeing you all in Road Atlanta!” says Joon Maeng.

Rayno Photo Long Beach (29) sr happy frank

It’s great to see a smile and a positive attitude from Francis Lalangan and crew!

“I’m so thankful to be driving for such a phenomenal crew at Bink Industries!” says Joon Maeng.

long beach 2014 autograph session

Joon at Driver’s Autograph session with fans who waited hours in line to meet all drivers in person to have their autographs and many different accessories signed. Although it was a rough weekend, the crew showed positive energy to come out with full force for the next round and continue to chase that championship!