Oct 13 2015

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Journey of 2015

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (2)

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest pit is set and ready for the weekend at Formula Drift Pro Championship.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (7)

Fans are always happy to receive Lucas Oil goodies to use on their Hot Rods!


The Lucas Oil Racing Engine Oil and Synthetic Stabilizer is the best combo to be revving 9,000 rpm in the Turbo By Garrett charged engine platform.


Sam’s Auto Land Paint & Body and friends came to support Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest!


It was definitely a busy off season for Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest, building the new BMW Z4 chassis with the Duttweiler Performance 2jz Engine.

Full Article from PasMag can be viewed. Click here.


“Duttweiler is known for pushing big, reliable horsepower, and they know all the tricks to keeping this motor reliable,” says Joon Maeng.

Duttweiler utilized Crower Stage two cams and connecting rods, JE pistons and ARP fasteners to secure everything. Power is cranked through the Doc Race intake and exhaust manifolds through the Garrett GTX3582 ball bearing turbo.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (6)

Good times and plenty of goodies to give out to many of our racing fans at the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest pit area.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Speedway 2015.png Thumbs up

Ready for some pedal to the metal action.

(Photo Credit: RPMx)

Irwindale 2015 Alex W Products

Display table.


Lansdell Racing family always in good spirits. Jeff Lansdell (Crew Chief) making sure the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest BMW Z4 is ready for the track.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Yukio

“This definitely made my day to see Yukio Yukes Taira from Turbo By Garrett at Honeywell!” Says, Joon Maeng.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Speedway 2015.png Grid

Lined up and ready for a full day of practice.

(Photo Credit: RPMx)


“So thankful to have support from our young fans! Says, Joon Maeng.  Eliana Iwami and her family has been a dedicated fan since 2007.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Speedway 2015.png Bank Action shot.png 2

Our first qualifying run can be viewed at the 43:15 time mark. Second qualifying run can be viewed at 2:28:14 Click Here

(Photo Credit: RPMx)

Irwindale 2015 Alex W

Hundreds of fans waiting hours in the Driver’s Autograph session.

(Photo by: Alex Wong)


Mark and Chandler from Brodix showing support.


Using nothing but the best when it comes down to a break job! Lucas Oil “It Works!”

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (4)

Kids love getting behind the wheel of the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest BMW Z4.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (1)

“Thank you for supporting and using Lucas Oil Products!” Says, Joon Maeng

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Speedway 2015.png Clip Point

“This year has been a challenging year for us as we were battling bugs in the new chassis. Definitely was a steep learning curve but learned a lot.” Says, Joon Maeng.

(Photo By: RPMx)

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (3)

Many fans liked the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest BMW Z4 with the Slek Design wide body kit.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Fans (5)

Fans from Germany and many other countries stop by to say hello.

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Speedway 2015.png Infield

Smoking up the Achilles Radial.

(Photo By: RPMxx)


Thumbs up to all of Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest fans and partners!

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Irwindale Speedway 2015.png front

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest will be making improvements during the off season from all the data received from this season.

(Photo By: RPMx)


 “So Blessed and thankful to have an awesome team! We would like to thank our family, fans and all of our partners:  Lucas Oil‬ Mav TV‬ Protect The Harvest‬ Rayno Window Film‬ Design Craft Fab‬ Duttweiler Racing‬ ‪‎Achilles Radial‬ Sams Auto Land‬ ‪‎SparcoUSA‬ Titanium Metal Supply‬ ‪‎Crower‬ APRPerformance‬ Turbo By Garrett‬ ‪‎Advanced Clutch‬ American RV Inc‬. Slek Design‬ Aeromotive‬ LS Auto‬ ‪‎SLR‬ Race Tech Services‬ ‪‎HPS Racing‬ ‪‎Rywire‬ ‪‎Baker Precision‬ Doc Race‬ Twins Turbo‬ ‪‎JestR Tuning‬ ‪‎Granatelli Motorsports‬ ‪‎Brodix Cylinder Heads Inc‬
West Tech Performance‬ JE Pistons‬ K&N Filters Holley Performance Titan Motorsports Feal Suspension Rays CX Racing ARP Wilwood Vortech Superchagers Greddy Ocdworks AchillesMotorsports

Nov 18 2014

Off Season Fun


Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Rayno Film having a good time at I-10 Lucas Oil Blythe Speedway.


“Luis Jr. Maravilla was our very first fan and we were excited to have him with us to show him around the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest S13.5 and trailer. It was great to spend some quality time with Luis and to get to know him.” says, Joon Maeng.

Blythe  kids 2014.jpg 2

The kids found their new  jungle gym.


The Lucas Oil Blythe Speedway crew was super organized and very kind to offer us to race in the main. The Chevy Impala was drifting throughout the course and rubbing  doors with 9 other racers. Team was so grateful and honored to have this wonderful opportunity.

Blythe  kids 2014

Kids are such an  inspiration to Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Rayno. They were having a blast climbing in and out of the drift car.


There were so many different classes to race in. It’s good to see even a 9 year old getting behind the wheel to race. The admission to race was only $25. It was great to see so much talent and especially passion for racing here at Blythe.  Janet and Juliette Kim supporting the local driver by signing the roof.


” It was a true honor and blessing to have met you all! Hope to see you all very soon again at I-10 Lucas Oil Blythe Speedway and at Formula Drift Pro Championship.” Says Joon Maeng


Please feel free to join us for the next event. Thank you so much for your amazing support!


AVR Focus Midget Champion Brother Zac Bogner and Joon Maeng at the 2 day All Star Bash Just Drift event to donate toys for tots and drifting fun.


Exiting off HTM Willow Spring International, Gino and his father Aaron Eusebi (Instagram ishotthat) waving us down too stop and make sure to get an autograph on his Formula Drift Pro Championship guide book. He is so adorable.



Ivan getting comfortable behind the wheel with his new Lucas Oil Hot Wheel.


Larry Chen from Drift Fotos and Official Photographer of Formula Drift Pro Championship chased the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest on track with his cool chase cam setup.


“Plenty  of seat time and quality time with Brother Zac Bogner!” Says, Joon Maeng.

All Star bash 2014 pit

The Turbo By Garrett powered SR20det setup running strong after the new tune from Eric Rhee at Westech Performance Group.

All Star Bash line tech 2014

All Star Bash Just Drift is held annually. There were 100 drivers and teams registered for this big event.

All Star Bash 2014 zac

Brother Zac Bogner working hard!


Thank you all for joining us for praise, worship and fellowship By Grace I Drift meeting.


Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Rayno Film have big plans for the 2015 Formula Drift Pro World Championship. It’ll be the first time to compete in Canada, Japan and China next year.

“We would like to thank Formula Drift for making this possible! I’m super excited to showcase our newly managed 2015 drift program. Looking forward to coming out strong with all of our partners in the 2015 Formula Drift Pro World Championship!”


Oct 15 2014

2014 Formula Drift Pro Championship Finale


Crew Chief Jeff Lansdell and Kevin Lee at Nexus Visuals LLC making sure we have enough race fuel for the Formula Drift Pro Championship Finale round.

Irwindale 2014 lucas

Jeff Lansdell and the crew made necessary changes and upgrades for this round.


“I felt one with the car and very comfortable driving at Irwindale Speedway! The grip level on the straightaway and in drift was too much so we had to dial out some grip. We never had this senario before. I’m so happy that we figured out the best suspension setup for the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 Chassis!” says, Joon Maeng.


Preparing the pit area to give out products and goodies to our  fans.


Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film preparing to maintain and look through the S13 after practice session. Running the 20w50 Racing Only Lucas Oil in the engine, 75w90 Lucas Oil gear oil for the transmission and 85w 140 Lucas Oil gear oil for our rear end kept the car nice and cool! The oil looked brand new draining it out after the event. “It Works!”


Fans enjoyed checking out the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 inside and out. The Lucas Oil shelf, which were full of products, became empty towards the end of the day as the fans took them home to use in and or on their vehicles.


In the hot pits ready for battle! “I’m so Blessed to have such dedicated and amazing crew members! Thank you Janet Kim, Julliette Kim, Kevin Lee, Al Rhee, Jeff Lansdell!” says, Joon Maeng.

Irwindale 2014 back action

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film ended up qualifying for the main show with a 73 point run.


Young ones brought happy faces into our pits.


Warming up for battle.

Click here to view a video clip of Joon Maeng and Ken Gushi during practice. (Fans point of view) 

Photo by: Adam Lavelle

Irwindale 2014 ken

On the main competition day Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film was up against Ken Gushi, who drove the GReddy Scion FRS once again. 


All weekend long the S13 ran strong.  Unfortunately on our first run with Ken Gushi the rear main seal popped out which resulted in a win for the Greddy Scion team.


Irwindale 2014 infield

We’ll make sure to put on a new rear main seal with added heavy duty silicon so it’ll never pop out. “I’m so proud of the team to give it all they had and pushed hard all weekend to make sure we perform our best. With this great team Spirit I’m super excited for the 2015 Formula Drift Pro Championship.


Dreams to be a race car driver… So we made sure to buckle Colin in the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13! He loved sitting behind the wheel and had the biggest smile. These moments definitely make our day.


Always a pleasure to see the young ones grow so fast! Thank you guys for rooting us on since the very beginning! The new Lucas Oil hats looking sharp on our dedicated fans!

Irwindale 2014 infield 2

Click here to see Joon Maeng’s in car cam video.


Jarod Deanda, Kevin Wells and the entire Formula Drift Family working hard and enjoying every moment! The axe was a giveaway for the most reved driver. Keep up the good work guys!


Making sure to share the joy of the amazing Lucas Oil Products to our fans. Enjoy the Lucas Oil Synthetic Stabilizer and tire shine! Thank you all for your patience and waiting in the long line.


Fans from all over the world. This couple came by our pits all the way from England!


Thumbs up for a great year! A blessing to have this great opportunity to meet our kind fans.



I’m truly Blessed and thankful to be driving for such an amazing crew, fans and partners! Team effort for the win!


Overall we finished 25th out of 68 drivers in the Formula Drift Pro Championship achieving our 2015 FD Pro Championship License. ( Top 32 drivers)  

We would like to thank our partners Lucas Oil, Mav TV, Rayno Film, Protect the Harvest, Maxxis Tires, Sam’s Auto Land, Varrstoen Wheels, Crower Performance, TMS, Brodix, Westech Performance, Feal Suspension, American RV, Holley Performance,  Vortech Superchargers, Advanced Clutch,  Aeromotive, Enjuku Racing, Duttweiler Racing, Sparco, JE Pistons, APR, Hawk Performance, Seibon, Turbo by Garrett, Spyder Auto from the bottom of our hearts! We are looking forward to a solid 2015 Formula Drift Pro Championship season!

Sep 20 2014

Breaking News

Bink Industries Logo

We regretfully inform you that Bink Industries and Joon Maeng Racing, LLC have separated effective immediately due to personal reasons. We especially thank Shine Lopez and Frank Lalangan for all their hard work during the season and wish Bink Industries best of success in future endeavors.

Sep 20 2014

Formula Drift Texas Motor Speedway


On Thursday, September 11th 2014 Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film ran practice in the rain at Texas Motor Speedway for the Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 6!

Texas 2014 qualify.jpg 2

For this round, the crew had a new engine built by Duttweiler’s Performance with JE Pistons, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Crower Performance and Vortech Supercharger all lubricated with Lucas Oil Products.  Eric Rhee at Westech Performance tuned the new engine with 800+ whp.



“It’s always a blessing and inspirational to meet with our young fans at each round of the Formula Drift Pro Championship!” says, Joon Maeng.

Texas 2014 main event

Joon was looking good and enjoyed the drivability of the new engine. The other engine that produced 1200+ hp was powerful, but at the same time it was challenging to modulate the accelerator because it felt more like an on and off switch.

texas 2014  main 3

The Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 qualified for the main show for Saturday!


First battle up was against a former 2011 Formula Drift  Pro Champion Dai Yoshihara driving the Subaru Falken Tire BRZ.

texas 2014 Leading Dai

Dai Yoshihara was looking good and fast all weekend in his 1000+ hp BRZ. Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film prepared and setup the car for maximum grip on the Feal Suspension rolling on Maxxis Tires. “I have full faith that we can do this!” said, Joon Maeng.

Texas 2014 Chasing Dai Yoshihara

The battle was so close that the FD judges called for a one more time. After the one more time battle, it was decided that Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film got the advantage to advance to the Top 16.


“I’m so thankful to be driving in the Formula Drift Pro Championship and have so many great opportunities to meet all of our wonderful fans!” says, Joon Maeng.


Top 16 driver’s driving down the straight away to be introduced to Formula Drift’s amazing fans at the grand stands.


Jarod Deanda introducing the Top 16 drivers.


Ken Gushi driving the GReddy Scion FRS was blazing through the course in his Turbo by Garrett 2JZ engine setup. Joon Maeng was pushing as hard as possible to keep up with the flying speeds of Ken Gushi’s driving style.


Forrest Wang in the STR Racing S14 was the next match up for the Great 8 battle.


Forrest Wang’s driving style was very smooth and had so much angle throughout the course. Unfortunately, with the small bobble we had on the sweeper gave Wang enough advantage for him to move on. Over all, it is was a great weekend for Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film in the S13!


The crew was busy in the pits showing and sharing the joy to be a part of such an awesome Formula Drift Pro Championship Series.


“Thank you all for your amazing support and always inspiring us to drive hard! We are so blessed to be driving for our awesome fans and partners!” says, Joon Maeng.