Apr 12 2014

2014 Formula Drift Pro Season Opener



Team Lucas Oil, Mav TV, and Rayno Film in Long Beach Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 1 at Tech with Kevin Wells and Doug Artus.


Looking sharp before hitting the track!


The crew at Bink Industries kept busy during the off season upgrading suspension with more angle, rear mount radiator, rebuilding front and rear end, quick change rear end, new plumbing, harness,  fabricate new bars with Titanium Metal Supplies, paint and body work at Sam’s Auto Land, Aeromotive fittings, Feal Suspension, Vortech Supercharged engine built by Duttweiler Performance with Brodix Cylinders Heads, Crower Performance Products, JE Pistons tuned on Holley EFI unit pushing 1125hp and the list goes on and on!  Nate Haugh, Shine Lopez, Francis Lalangan and Jeff Lansdell definitely had their hands full completely rebuilding the s13 during the off season to focus on chasing that championship this season!

Rayno Photo Long Beach sr driver turn 9

“Getting behind the wheel of the 1100+hp drifting machine was refreshing and at the same time a great amount of adjusting to this new animal!” says Joon Maeng.


Team Lucas Oil, Mav TV, and Rayno Film is a fan favorite spot in the pits for all ages! With dedicated fans from all these years, the Team is ever so thankful to have support from all of their amazing fans!

Rayno Photo Long Beach driver front sr

It was such a meaningful moment for the crew at Bink Industries to see the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 on track smoking up those Maxxis Tires and screaming out 1100+ hp out of the exhaust. This was a joyful and exciting point for the team.


Joon and the crew always enjoy spending quality time in the pits with Brother Zac, Tom Bogner and of course all the fans / partners! The Team is so thankful to have everyone’s support and inspiration to pursue the dream!

Rayno Photo Long Beach (1) SR pass

The weekend was looking very smooth! It was filled with many interviews from the media and also many practice runs before qualifying! The runs were looking  better as the day went by. Joon was definitely getting the hang of the new machine but he seemed not quite 100% with the new setup.

Rayno Photo Long Beach SR Driver Pit

During qualification round it took Joon, his crew and many others in shock! Joon ended up running a little too hot in the main sweeper and got in contact with the furious Long Beach Grand Prix K-rails that hurt the car enough not to continue on into the next session.  Video posted on:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbuwib5DIcI

Thank GOD Joon and the crew are not hurt! The crew at Bink Industries is working hard to get the Lucas Oil Mav TV Rayno Film S13 back up to come out strong for Formula Drift Round 2 in Road Atlanta!

The team is so grateful to have Sam’s Auto Land’s support with all the body and paint work.

“I’m so Blessed to have such a dedicated crew and support from all of our amazing partners / fans to keep us going strong! Thank you all for having Faith and support in us! Looking forward to seeing you all in Road Atlanta!” says Joon Maeng.

Rayno Photo Long Beach (29) sr happy frank

It’s great to see a smile and a positive attitude from Francis Lalangan and crew!

“I’m so thankful to be driving for such a phenomenal crew at Bink Industries!” says Joon Maeng.

long beach 2014 autograph session

Joon at Driver’s Autograph session with fans who waited hours in line to meet all drivers in person to have their autographs and many different accessories signed. Although it was a rough weekend, the crew showed positive energy to come out with full force for the next round and continue to chase that championship!



Oct 23 2013

2013 Formula Drift Pro Championship Overview


What a  great 2013 Formula Drift Pro Championship season Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire had with fans. From Long Beach season opener to Road Atlanta, Palm Beach International Raceway, Wall Speedway, Evergreen Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway to the finale at Irwindale Speedway. ” Can’t believe it’s already been 12 years since I’ve pursued my dream as a Pro Driver and am so thankful to have so many loyal fans sticking by us all these years,” says Joon Maeng.

(photo taken at New Jersey, Wall Speedway)


Evergreen Speedway 2013 pit

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire having a good time with fans every round of the Pro Formula Drift Championship. ” This year was a steep learning curve on the new V8 S13 Chassis. Now that we got a full season of data on this Lucas Oil Powered vehicle we are more than ready for next season to come out stronger than ever,” says Joon Maeng.

(photo taken at Evergreen Speedway)



Formula Drift finale at Irwindale Speedway was a sold out event even before the gates opened.



Uplifting and inspiring kids to pursue their dream is a must for Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire.


“Every year that passes by the family gets bigger and bigger,” says Joon Maeng.


Partnership with Bink Industries with Nate Haugh this season was a phenomenal choice for the team. With Nate Haugh, Frank Lalangan, Shine Lopez and Jeff Lansdell passsion and dedication Joon Maeng is ever so confident for next season of Formula Drift Pro Championship. ” I’m so happy and thankful to have such an amazing crew for this season and many years to come, it’s a blessing,” says Joon Maeng.


Off season is going to be super busy as Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire will be tearing down the car for inspection and much more upgrades. ” We wish you all an awesome off season and we’ll see you all in the 2014 Formula Drift Pro Championship,” Says Joon Maeng

Thank you for your support!

Sep 30 2013

2013 Formula Drift Palm Beach International Raceway



 Formula Drift Round 3 in Palm Beach International Raceway started with a down pour. This didn’t stop Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire from preparing for the Thursday practice session.



Here’s Rossy Welch from Road Race Engineering setting up the Lucas Oil Products in the pit area to give out to Team Lucas Oil’s dedicated fans.


Here is the fast line to take! Driving on the edge in the Formula Drift Pro Championship is what the judges and fans enjoy the most! Then of course all the carnage! :)


 Before things got busy on Thursday, Joon Maeng made sure to go walk the track and check out the conditions.


 Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Nexen Tire all buttoned up for some serious drifting! 

Florida 2013 high res photo Narisa photo jun head shot and action.zip 2

 Throughout the weekend the weather was unpredictable. So the Team’s goal was to practice as much as they can even though it was pouring rain with poor track conditions.


 After a full day of practice and qualifying for the main event the crew Lod Tongkul, Sam Chaysavang, Josh Ellington, P.T. and Sokum Chin made sure to drop the Dog Box and Prevenative Maintenance the entire Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire S13.


Here is Kevin Wells at Formula Drift getting fired up for the day.


Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire made sure to pick up an extra canopy during the unpredictable weather conditions at P.B.I.R. hot pits.

florida wrecked mag 2013 2.jpg chase tony angelo

The team spirit was electric throughout the weekend! Chasing down their first opponent Tony Angelo driving the Scion FRS powered by The US Air Force and Turbo By Garrett. 

>>Click Here<< to view the video and details. 

2013 Florida Tony tandem chase.jpg44

 Joon Maeng and the entire crew was confident going into the battle against Tony. Team Lucas Oil had a clean and solid chase run mimicking the lead vehicle.


florida wrecked mag 2013 2.jpg lead tony angelo

 On the lead run Joon was going for it!

” This is the fastest we ran all weekend during our top 32 battle in the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire S13!” said Joon Maeng

Team’s objection was to run the fast and clean line to bring on a good show for the Fans!


2013 Florida Tony tandem lead.jpg 7

 The Crower Cams Brodix Cylinder Heads JE Piston powered engine was running strong all weekend! Team Lucas Oil made a few adjustments on the Bink Industries sway bars, Feal Suspension and Parts Shop Max arms and rods to make sure Joon was one with the course layout.

2013 Florida Tony tandem chase.jpg3

 The Nexen Tire N9000′s were smoking up the competition!

2013 Florida Tony tandem lead.jpg3

 Running the APR Performance spoiler provided plenty of down force to help accelerate faster into the zones and clipping points.

florida wrecked mag 2013 2.jpg lead tony angelo.jpg 4

 In the Formula Drift Pro Championship anytime you go straight during battle you get an automatic zero. Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire made sure to drift with plenty of angle and tire smoke!

florida wrecked mag 2013 2.jpg lead tony angelo.jpg 5

 Here is what the fans like to see, Carnage.


florida wrecked mag 2013 2.jpg lead tony angelo.jpg 7

 After the impact Joon managed to save the Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire from spinning out thanks to the high grip Nexen Tires.


 The team, fellow competitors, fans and even staffs were happy to see Team Lucas Oil’s drift program improve. There were so many kind compliments after the Top 32 Battle. 

Joon made a protest against the call once they announced Tony Angelo the win.  The Formula Drift judges took the time to explain the run down in details. Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire USA was ever so grateful for them to show Joon what they were looking for.





 Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest Nexen Tire USA definitely won the hearts of their fans. They loved Joon as he was thanking every single of Formula Drift fans for their support.


 The Team enjoys interacting with their fans. The dedicated fans wouldn’t stop coming by the pit area even after the podium ceremony has ended.


Head Shot Jun

 Joon Maeng would like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support! ” Come stop by our pits to give me a high five!” says Joon.

Have a wonderful day!



May 27 2013

2013 Formula Drift Round 2 Road Atlanta

Fullerton, CA –  Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire traveled to Road Atlanta for Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 2.

Mike Welch at Road Race Engineering and Joon Maeng our driver transported the rig safely to Georgia. “It’s an honor to drive for Lucas Oil, Mav TV, Nexen Tire, R.R.E., S-Empire and to have Mike Welch and the entire Road Race Engineering crew for our Drift Program this season,” says Joon Maeng.

The action packed weekend began with the crew testing out the Belle-1 Racing Communication radio setup.


Formula D Round 2 being a night event the team marketing manager made sure to install LED lights on the Lucas Oil Flag standing 30ft high. The fans were able to spot us from miles away.

While the Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Team was setting up for Thursday practice, fellow neighbors had a couple of questions for our Crew Chief Lod Tongkul.

“I was amazed with our new engine and setup on the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire!” says Joon. “The new Brodix LSX Engine has been de-tuned for less power than the one at Long Beach to be more reliable.” says Lod Tongkul (Crew Chief) The new Brodix engine setup is pushing 650 hp and 640 tq.

Joon Maeng was looking strong all day during the Thursday practice session. The team made a few more changes to get more traction and speed going up into the horse shoe of the Road Atlanta track.

During the competition weekend the team made sure to take down notes and have plenty of data for us to use. “Having this data will help us to be one step ahead of the competition,” Says Sam Chaysavang ( Spotter/Tuner )

Since Thursday Morning till Saturday Evening Joon was swamped with Road Atlanta Fans wanting to take photos and hero cards. “Road Atlanta consists of the most dedicated fans in the entire Formula D Championship, they will even wait for us in the pits after the podium ceremony every season! I love our fans and appreciate all of their support all these years!” says Joon Maeng

Every night the Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire team went through the vehicle to double check all the Power by Max Products, Bink Industries Sway Bars, Feal Suspension and the entire vehicle to make sure the car was ready for the main day! “I’m so thankful to be driving for the best of the best! Lod Tongkul (Crew Chief/Tuner) and the entire crew is so humble and supportive no matter what situation the track throws at us,” says Joon Maeng.


Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Pit was a hit in Road Atlanta and was a fan favorite! Fans from ages 9 months to 60+ year old were full of excitement to meet with Joon Maeng and the crew.

Two hour long line for the Formula Drift Drivers Autograph session. Joon made sure to sign every single fan in line before he had to head back on track. ” Thank you Kevin Lee at Nexus Visuals for designing our new hero cards the fans love it,” says Joon Maeng.

The Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire crew was mounting new Nexen Tires onto the Varrstoen Wheels non-stop as practice was in effect.

Focused and ready for battle!  “Pedal to the metal,” says Joon Maeng.


Best top tier drivers around the world compete here in the Formula Drift Pro Championship.

“Judges were looking for good angle, speed, aggressive style and line. So that was my goal to ace all those categories. Jarod Deanda the Voice of FD may call me Gentle Maeng but there’s not a single drop of gentleness when I’m behind the wheel,” says Joon Maeng

Spyder Auto tail lights and the Weir Performance rear end was a great add on to the 2013 Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire drift program. The Team now has 3 different Weir gears to select from and the Weir Performance Products provides high quality grade ring, pinion and diffs.

These moments are what inspires the team to push hard on track! Thanks for your excitement and positive energy buddy!

Fans wear super happy to receive Lucas Oil hats, products, lanyards, Mav TV koozies, key chains, Nexen Tire Lanyards, Road Race Engineering License plate frames and bunch of our partners goodies. Make sure to visit our pits for the next round of Formula Drift Championship to receive your goods.

Performance Auto and Sound Magazine photo shoot with Andrew Jennings. As normal, each day consisted of media photo shots and interviews. “My marketing manager did an amazing job of scheduling all of our interviews with the busy FD schedule!” says Joon Maeng

“Spoon with Joon” says our Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Fans! “Our fans here in Road Atlanta are so cool and amazing!” says Joon Maeng

Photo By: Cory Conrad

Top 32 Battle against Chelsea Denofa driving the BC Racing BMW was interesting. The team noticed Chelsea’s crew had some car problem so the team made sure to offer any help they needed for the BMW to be at 100%. Once we confirmed that he was going to run with a limping vehicle we changed our setup super loose for less grip. Since he was low on power we wanted to match up our Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire to similar type of situation to make sure we don’t get stuck behind him causing us to straighten out because of his slower speeds. It was a good choice the team made as they were traveling at 15 MPH less on entry compared to the practice sessions. Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire advanced to the top 16.

Top 16 Drivers Introduction Ceremony

Mother nature always plays a role here in Road Atlanta. As it rained on and off Joon had to adapt to the wet conditions in the new Nexen Tires. As Nexen Tire was introduced as the Official Tire sponsor of Lucas Oil Mav TV Drift Program it was Joon’s first time driving the N9000′s in the rain. “After watching other drivers spin out, I told myself to hold back 30% on initiation point. Once the battle was completed I was way off on holding back, I should have held back only 5%. These Nexen Tires are amazing in the wet, they have so much traction! Now I know what they are capable of in the rain, so next time we’ll make sure to advance,” Says Joon Maeng.

“On the lead run The Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire was so fast even in the wet and dry conditions,” says Joon Maeng.

The Team did an amazing job of keeping the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire running strong and the fans happy!

We would like to thank you for supporting our partners: Lucas Oil, Mav TV, Nexen Tire, Road Race Engineering, S-Empire, Nexus Visuals, VarrsToen Wheels, Enjuku Racing, Sam’s Auto Land, SPARCO, Holley Performance, Powered By Max, Meziere Enterprises,  Brodix Cylinder Heads , ACT, Aeromotive,  JE Pistons, Westech, APR Performance, Weir Performance, JBA Headers, Seibon Carbon, Rockett Fuel, FEAL Suspension, Turbo by Garrett, LS Auto, K&N, Sikky.


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Apr 23 2013

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire at 2013 Formula Drift Season Opener

Hello Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire fans!!

The off season flew by with the team working away on making all the necessary upgrades and changes on the vehicle. We made sure to get better flow with the custom fabricated JBA Headers, new Hi-Ram Holley EFI intake manifold for better throttle control, Powered by Max suspension upgrades for more steering angle, New Advanced Clutch Technology kit for more clutch kicks, Varrstoen Wheels for light weight, Custom Bink Industries sway bars for better handling, High voltage alternator, high torque starter, 7 different spring rates, variety types of gear ratios, new Seibon hood, Sam’s Auto Land Paint & Body work and Spyder tail lights for the exterior. The S-Empire crew practically lived at Road Race Engineering to make sure the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire gets dialed in for the 2013 Formula Drift Championship.

Here we are for Friday practice. To tell you the truth this is the best car I’ve ever driven in my entire drifting career! After our first run at Media Day on Tuesday, April 9th 2013 I had the biggest smile. I was amazed at the phenomenal handling and powerful setup we had going into the FD season opener at Streets of Long Beach Grand Prix Course.

I had my ears open wide for the drivers meeting. There are so many changes this year with the judging aspect. During a run if two cones get knocked down you get an automatic zero. If one wheel goes off track twice throughout the run you also get a zero. I like the fact there are more objective details for judging. It makes us improve as drivers and to be more precise of our line and driving style. The details are posted here.

Long Beach was the first time testing out the Nexen N9000 275/ 35ZR 18 Tires. The Brodix 498ci LSX engine is pushing 800 hp. I was shocked how much grip the N9000 provide for our powerful engine setup. After the team made a few adjustments on the vehicle, the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 started bogging from so much grip provided by these amazing tires.

I’m so happy to be driving for the best of the best! We have great friends and partners that will go above and beyond for us to be competitive in the Pro FD Championship.

Pedal to the metal! Trail of Nexen Tire smoke from turn 9 to the finish line was a norm throughout the weekend. I’ve never had this much tire smoke from the previous seasons. It’s so fun and easy to drive the new S13! So proud of the team and partners’ hard work and dedication to make this possible!

I felt at home on this Long Beach Grand Prix Course! Last year we ran so many laps with the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13.5 Turbo By Garrett during the team drift event as well as drove the pace cars all weekend long during the Grand Prix Race. The gearing was right on the dot! Thanks team for making sure we had the perfect setup for Round 1!

We enjoyed spending quality time with our fans! We appreciate everyone waiting patiently in the long line during our autograph session in our pit area. The kids loved the Lucas Oil hats and had a blast!

Sparco USA did an amazing job with the design of our race suit. Quality service and high quality products keeping us safe from harm’s way! It’s always fun catching up with our fans during the autograph session. The fans wait hours in line to meet their favorite drivers and to achieve an autographed hero card.

Here’s our Crew Chief, Lod Tongkul (Driver Seat) and Spotter, Sam Chaysavang (Passenger Seat) tuning the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire with the Holley EFI unit on the dyno packs at Road Race Engineering. The power band kicks in instantly and drivability on the vehicle has been improved drastically. The Fuel consumption improved after the new tune. We are burning less Rockett Fuel in our Aeromotive Fuel Cell A1000. On Friday Qualifying we ran a solid run with an 80.4 score.

Brother Tom, Zac Bogner and the entire team / partners are my hero! I appreciate all of your amazing support and inspiration! You guys rock!

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire made sure the S13 is dialed in during the off season! Road Race Engineering / S-Empire crew worked non-stop to make sure the vehicle will be ready for battle! I’m so Blessed and grateful to have a solid and dedicated crew for the 2013 Formula Drift Championship season!

 (Starting from left to right: Lead Tech- Art Thavilyati, Suspension specialist- Nate Haugh, Pit Crew Member- Garrett Patthasriroj, Pit Crew Member- Matt Kohlwey and Crew Chief- Lod Tongkul.)

Kevin Lee (wearing the hat) at Nexus Visuals making sure we have good footage during the events and does a phenomenal job with PR, Marketing and logistics portion of the team. We always appreciate his hard work and passion for team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire!

Mike Meeiem making sure that we are good to go with the Nexen N9000 tires. I love driving on these high performance/grip tires.

Mike and Rossy Welch at Road Race Engineering always provides positive energy and supports the crew to keep pushing hard! It’s great to have an awesome marketing team on hand to share the joy of each round of Formula Drift Championships to our fans and partners. Thank you all for your support!

During the main event day practice session we noticed a loss of power and heard a ticking noise under the hood of our Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire, so we ended up heading back to our pit to figure out what was going on. We opened up the valve covers on the Brodix Engine and noticed one of the valve springs broke. The team tried their best to fix it in time before the top 32 battle but didn’t have enough time to finish. It was heart breaking to see but in the end the team gave it all their might! That’s what counts.

Click Here to watch the VIDEO of the Formula Drift Long Beach weekend

Provided by Nexus Visuals

The Crew taking out the Brodix Engine on Saturday night right after the event. Although we were up from 5AM to prep for the main event day the team never showed any signs of weakness going late into the night making sure the engine gets dropped off to our engine builder the very next day.

On the bright side, we made it to the main day and got points for the Championship Chase! Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire is currently building a new Brodix engine, spare engine, ordered a new Dog Box Transmission (new custom gear setup for Road Atlanta), new drive shaft, new rack and pinion, new power steering pump with pulley, new ACT Clutch and Flywheel, new rear end from Weir Performance and many other parts were ordered from Enjuku Racing to make sure the car will be solid for the rest of the season. We’ll have a spare of every component of the vehicle so we can push hard without thinking twice about it.

The Lucas Oil Mav TV Trailer has been upgraded to 12K LBS axles, new hubs, wheels and tires at American RV Inc.  They provide high quality and fast service to their customers. Great place to drop off your trailer and rv for upgrades.

Road Race Engineering crew is currently fabricating tire racks and shelf’s to store all the extra parts we’ll be transporting for the Formula Drift Round 2 Road Atlanta event.

Thank you fans for supporting all of our partners and rooting us on!!!

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