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June 22, 9009 Article of J.W.M. and drifting in The Korea Times, the leading Korean newspaper in the nation; Page D2,  in the Money & Business section.korea-times

2009 포뮬러 드리프트에서 10위의 좋은 성적을 거두고 있는 맹준우 선수가 자신의 애마인 240SX 옆에 앉아 활짝 웃고 있다.

(Translation: 2009 Formula Drift Driver Maeng, Joon Woo currently 10th in the series. With courage, he is smiling next to his 240sx.)



Translation below

Title        Manager @ D.U.S during the day and racer by night.

“Although he doesn’t have much money he is living his dream and doing well in the series”

It compares drifting with figure ice-skating. Describes how the runs are judged in 3 categories. Mentions how Hyundai is involved in the series and is driven by Rhys Millen who is 12th in position. Compares how much budget differences there are in the series. “J.W.M. is giving it his best and doing whatever it takes (the right way) to live the dream as a successful Pro driver. He doesn’t get much practice and when he does, it’s usually in his imagination while working on his car at CFR: shifting, braking, etc., to improve his reaction response via driving techniques. He would love to get practice time at the track but his current budget curtails that desire. In Road Atlanta he placed 4th and is currently 10th overall. J.W.M. is happiest when he is behind the wheels of his race car.” It also compares other vehicles’ specs with my S13.5.


Cover page D in The Korea Times

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