New Pre-Owned Sr20det

kenji-deletePurchased a pre-owned Sr20det black top s13 from Kenji Sakai @ . He was nice enough to hold the motor for a week without down payment (normally you have to make a $500 deposit). Thank you very much for your trust, double checking the compression on the motor, and your sincerity!


Found the intake valve shattered inside the intake manifold.


It’s easier to drop the motor then to lift it. Thank you CFR for letting me use your facility! (I’m not use to working on the car on the lift)  but it’s so convenient!


More broken pieces in the TOMEI oil pan. Always use a S14 Sr oil pick up. It has an extra bracket where my finger is at.


ACT clutch is in good condition! Using the GENIUS impact made the tedious labor a lot easier.


Need to transfer all the parts over to the new engine.  Planning on running the T25 turbo to flush out the very old oil. After two oil changes, the TOMEI ARMS turbo will be installed. Need to order new Mishimoto oil cooler and radiator (has too many small metal particles).

june-24-post-e-sr-paintedCleaned up the engine. I’m trying my best to have a presentable motor.


Washed out the broken metal particles with the pressure washer. Finally got a chance to wash the truck. Those bugs on the front bumper seemed like they were glued on there. Ended up staying at the shop all night long. Time to go to D.U.S. now. I’ll do my best to keep you guys posted on the progress.

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