Prepping the Sr20det


Thank you for the picture Jose Martinez!


Replacing the water pump, thermostat, seals, and constantly cleaning the SR inside and out.


Make sure to replace the water line hoses in the rear of the engine. It’s a pain to replace when the engine is back into the bay.


It’s a good habit to clean all the parts while it’s off the S13.5.


The rod took a beating from the aggressive bank to infield transition @ Wall Speedway. Ordered a new pair yesterday.


Endless amount of parts to clean.


Cleaning is not enough, some parts need to be painted. Because it’s 18 years old.


Life is so much easier when you have all the bolts in labeled zip lock bags. It will save me a lot of time when it’s time to put all the parts back together.


Great to have a back up engine harness. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


I’m ready for the dark! Formula Drift round3 is going to be a night event. I’m planning on renting a generator to have some light in the pit area or buy 20 of these led flash lights and zip tie them everywhere. :) 


Degreased/touched-up all the white decals on the S13.5. Making sure the car and shop is presentable at all times is important. It also feels good to come in the next day to a clean environment! Ended up working at the shop until 3:10 A.M. and got home to reply to messages on-line/post blog. I wish I can put the time in slow-motion, it feels like the time is on fast-forward mode. Have to wake up by 8 A.M. to get things ready for an interview with Bill Woods. I’m very excited to meet him. Planning on meeting him @ D.U.S then off to the shop for the interview. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful day!

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  • michael pena Says:

    hey i finally was able to get on your website. Awsome work i hope one day ill reach your level take care

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Good to hear from you Michael! I’m sure you can even do better than me, if you put your mind to it! Think positive and always believe in yourself! Have a great weekend!

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