Interview/video with Bill Wood


Bill Wood from Mireunha Media ( ) came by to film me in action @ Daily Udon & Sushi. Afterwards I had a interview with Bill @ CFR and he also filmed me installing the ACT clutch with the GENIUS 1/2 impact. Mr. Wood used to race rally cars, was a pit crew member for Formula cars, worked on tv channels as a producer, and currently is a producer of videos & channels on-line. The video should be up in about a week! Thank you Bill Wood for driving all this way from Pasadena!


Always be cautious not to drop the motor. I placed the motor/tranny setup safely leveled and secured it with the engine hoist once again after the car was over the engine. Putting on the transmission took forever. It’s hard to push the transmission, tug it up & down, and hold the motor at the same time with only two hands. My muscles are so sore right now! I need a massage!



I placed a string from the engine mount bolt on the chassis to make a reference point for the sub frame on the floor. Same for the transmission mount. It was almost right on target. Needed a slight adjustment.


It’s so convenient to use the GENIUS Tools’s tool box at the shop, race track, and any where I go! In drifting you have to be prompt and always be ready to get the right tools needed to fix any issues on the race car!


Painted the engine mounts white to have better visibility for cracks and blown mounts.

26-front-v-m1Double check the engine bay to make sure it’s ll clear from hitting other objects.


Sr20det and transmission mounted. Ended up finishing this job @ 4:17 A.M. The Mishimoto products should be coming in by Friday. Planning on checking the compression on all four cylinders before starting it up. Crossing my fingers! Have a wonderful and progressive weekend!

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