J.W.M. Documentary with Kyu Kwon


Kyu Kwon (http://beetle69.tistory.com/), is a Korean journalist, cartoon artist, car enthusiast, and a famous figure in the Korean automotive community, on the right and his good friend James is on the left. Kyu is hard at work compiling a documentary on me for this season and I can’t wait to see his amazing work! Here is a sample of the Road Atlanta trip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JTo4I1SIXg . Thank you Kyu and James for the chicken/steak dinner. It gave me more energy to work late into the night/early morning!

26-beltsDouble checking the belts for any small cracks and wear condition.


Almost there! I need to buy Nissan J ATF fluid for the power steering, distilled water for the Mishimoto Radiator, and 20 quarts of gtx oil to flush out any old residue.


Cleaning inside and out the power steering pump.  Make sure to degrease or use a brake cleaner to oil off all the pulleys before installing the serpentine belt. Don’t want it to slip during the competition.


Air hose all debris off the alternator after cleaning up the casing. Make sure no fluids enter into the alternator. Spray degreaser lightly onto a shop towel and wipe the casing without getting all the dirt/residue into the alternator.


Not only does it look presentable to clean bolts and thread but also it helps with easy accessibility to hand tighten the nut or bolt without too much strain. This will save a lot of time and keep you clean when you only have 5 minutes to fix a problem swiftly during competition.

Have a great weekend!

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