Jun 22 2009

J.W.M. Found in The Korean Magazine


Thank you Kyu Kwon, I appreciate your support! He is a famous Korean Journalist, cartoon artist, editor, automotive enthusiast, and highly respected amongst all automotive forums in Korea. He does a great job and doesn’t make much income for living his dream. He does it for the passion, from deep down his heart! I’m very grateful to have met Kyu Kwon during the Formula Drift round 1 @ Long Beach! He keeps everyone in Korea informed on what’s going on here in the Formula Drift Series. Kyu’s web site, http://beetle69.tistory.com



Joon Maeng’s participation in the Formula Drift Championship has been mentioned on the Daily Automotive Magazine in Korea . It is one of the leading car magazines in Korea . It explains about how drifting started in the United States in 2003 with Drift showoff, D1, and Formula Drift. It mainly states Joon Maeng’s passion for the sport of drifting, competing in the F.D. series as a privateer, the road trip to Road Atlanta, the spects on the S13.5, how he relates/interacts with many fans, how grateful he is for current sponsors, and explains the judging criteria in three different categories in F.D.


Cover page



1st page



2nd page



Thank you very much for your support! I’m looking forward to seeing you in Formula Drift round 4 in Vegas!

Jun 18 2009

Ready to Battle


Getting practice down under wet conditions @ Wall  Speedway Thursday, June 4th .




Double checking every single bolt and nut underneath the car before qualifying on  Saturday. Always remember to use jack stands on each side of the vehicle. Safety first!


Making sure the axles , differential, and driveshaft is still in good shape. Brought two extra pairs of axles and a extra differential for back up.


On Thursday June 4th, I found out 18 gallons of my race fuel went bad. It changed colors three times in a sealed fuel jug. Red,  brown, then green. So I ended up searching online and calling different places for about 3 hours and found some for $55 for 5 gallons. Purchased 20 gallons of the red MS103 for the weekend.


It’s a good habit to constantly have the tank filled up. Well, in my opinion that is.


I have a habit of always triple checking the S13.5 before a great battle. Check all fluids and bolts, nuts, connections, etc. I feel more connected with the S13.5 knowing that it is at its tip top shape.


I bought a bunch of clear containers from Wal Mart for $3.50 and put all my spare parts in them. It saves a lot of time during the Championship when all the spare parts and GENIUS Tools are organized. Thanks to GENIUS Tools I was able to help out Drift Alliance Ace Brother John Wagner to drive his MAXXIS Tire S13. Used the amazing GENIUS 8mm socket on a 1/4″ rachet and extension to replace his hot pipe hose that was torn.  Getting the hose/GENIUS set up took only 45 seconds. If it occurred during competition 5 minutes would be more than enough.


Wawa is a great place to get gas, snacks and a wide variety of food. My breakfast was purchased @ Wawa. It is very important to eat a hearty breakfast. During the F.D. Championships that would be my only meal of the day. I would rather talk with the supporters (fan) instead of eating. I don’t even feel hungry until the day ends. But I do advise drinking a lot of vegetable juice to keep your energy up and strong in order to focus on driving well.

wall-speedway-and-trip-also-church-010My two hands can only do so much. So I eat my breakfast while heading towards the track ( 5:30 A.M.) while driving very safely. I wouldn’t do it if it were a danger to others on the road. I truly enjoy going early to set up my pit area in order to be presentable with all my supporters’ brochures, stickers, business cards, and to make sure the S13.5 is ready for possible harsh driving conditions.


Check out http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/issues/issue10/issue10.html  Issue 10! It mentions Road Atlanta under Table of contents (Editorial) and my interview with WRECKED Magazine under The Privateer .

Thank you very much for your support! Have a great week!

Mind Over Matter,
Joon Woo Maeng

Jun 15 2009

J.W.M. Pit Area @ Wall Speedway

walll-speedway-fans-post-jmHaving a great time with the crowd and amazing fans! 


Introducing myself and explaining how cool the S13.5 runs with the MISHIMOTO cooling products, reliable power from the TOMEI Cams, the ARMS Turbo that SHUTOKO provided, great DG-5 Suspension, light weight SEIBON carbon, the ACT clutch that transfers power to the Ti wheels onto the Maxxis Tires, smooth power band thanks to APEXi Power FC and mentioning  how grateful I am for all my supporters.


Thank you for supporting J.M.’s T-shirt fundraiser! I’ll be bringing more for Vegas! Your contribution will sustain my drifting program.


Explaining how well the car handles after Kevin Wells @ www.LSauto.com, Chris Forsberg @ CFR, and Sergio Ramirez helped me rebuilt the entire car! Of course the MAXXIS Tires play a big factor in providing the traction I need. Couldn’t do without the right tools from GENIUS Tools. Thank you very much Andrew Hwang for supporting me with the reliable and organized GENIUS Tool set!  Andrew Hwang actually came all the way to D.U.S. to drop off some more tools I requested! I give him much respect for the amazing support he gives and the passion he has for the sport of drifting!


Thank you very much Sergio Ramirez for picking me up @ JFK in heavy traffic! I couldn’t run my drifting program this year without all my supporters and fans! I’m very grateful for all your support and encouragement! I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!


So adorable! We have something in common: an affinity towards SAM’S AUTO LAND custom green paint job on the AIT racing body kit!

Jun 13 2009

Wall Speedway Action Shots



Thanks for the picture David Nunez! Amazing driver D.A. Bro Tuerck leading for the top 16 battle with his Gary Gardella Racing Solistice.



Trying to run away while maintaining angle. Tuerck’s car is fast! It was a bitter sweet moment! I wish we didn’t have to go against each other so early in the bracket. Sorry Bro!


D.A. Bro Vaughn Gitten Jr. leading for the great 8 battle. Unfortunately my car lost ~100 h.p. and I had to constantly pop the phenomenal/reliable ACT clutch to somewhat keep up with JR. Couldn’t take the outside line I desired due to the loss of power.


Stuck to my plan to go fast as I can with lots of angle. I debated on whether I should go shallow-angle in order to have more speed, but that’s not my style. I tried to maintain maximum angle, lots of Maxxis Tire smoke, and fast transition. It felt like I suddenly had an additional 150 H.P. when I was leading until the motor blew a couple yards before the finish line. Mu poor Sr20det gave every juice it had before passing away.


Its okay, it did me well for a stock motor. The TOMEI Cams/ARMS dual ball bearing turbo helped a lot. Thank you SHUTOKO ENGINEERING for providing me the turbo. I plan to run another stock motor with the same TOMEI setup. If I had the budget I would build two fully built motors to be prepared. But for now I have to work with what I have. My dream is to run the TOMEI Genesis engine some day! I’ll give it all I got with my stock SR20det!

My philosophy on running a Sr20det

I believe it’s a advantage to run a Sr20det motor in the F.D. Series. It’s light and gives a good front to back weight ration to the S13 platform. This way it can initiate and transition drifts more aggressively. It seems like the heavier the S13 is, more caution is needed to not spin out. Sr20det is affordable and reliable. I used a stock sr20det for almost 2 years with TOMEI head gasket, cams, and oil block-off plate. Vegas is going to be awesome! Now it’s time to shop around for a used motor.

Video of me and D.A. Bro JR and Tuerck going at it. (click on the link below)

JR leading



JR chasing


Tuerck leading


Good times!

Jun 12 2009

Wall Speedway F.D. Championship


Giving greetings to the great Wall Speedway fans!



Pre-Grid area


Drift Alliance Brothers