Looking Forward to F.D. Final Rd.


I’m very excited to drive in Formula Drift’s final round at Toyota Speedway Irwindale on October 16th-17th! It’s going to be awesome! Many amazing drivers will be competing and driving hard (because it’s a home course for many of the teams). Looks like there will be lot of light and, maybe, heavy wall scraps! I’ll do my very best to not let you down! Can’t wait to drive with all the phenomenal drivers in F.D.’s series!  I hope to see all of you there! Check out www.formuladrift.com for ticket and blog info, details, and additional information. Have a great evening!

Got new www.Speedomotive.com decal printed from S & A design. Steve from S & A design was really sick but still managed to print me the vinyl! Thanks Steve and I hope you feel better! I appreciate you for always making sure that I get the vinyls in time! Looking forward to using the new Speed-O-Motive-machined Sr20det!


Biggest crankshaft I’ve ever seen in my life! I wonder what it goes into?


My nephew came out to Infineon Raceway in Sonoma to show support! Poor thing didn’t know any better wearing my sweaty, smelly helmet. :) He loves cars and he loves it when I drift him around in his small plastic car at home.  Looks like we have a future driver in the Formula Drift series!


The AE86 is finally running. Still waiting for a couple more parts then it’s time to break in the rebuilt 4age that S-Empire assembled. Now I can save some fuel going to and from work. It’s also going to be a drift 101 vehicle for personal lessons for future student drivers. Thanks you ACT for the clutch, Mishimoto for the radiator and SEIBON for the hood!  I’m grateful for your support on the AE86!

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