New Components


Got new windshield because the old one cracked. I hope that I can get new DA stickers that I received this year from Andy L.! The Formula Drift banner will be picked up on Thursday morning.  Thank you very much for helping out with the window Chris Forsberg!


Thank you Kevin Wells for adjusting and setting up the brand new DG-5 suspension and for the LS automotive alignment!


A brand new transmission thanks to Pireak, Kevin Wells and Eric’s Performance Parts.




I tried buying a brand new Nissan powered steering pump, but it was too expensive. So, I ended up buying a rebuilt one along with rack & pinion. The steering is so much smoother and, therefore, has improved in response.






New external wastegate setup on the TOMEI ARMS turbo. Kevin Wells at LS automotive engineered/fabricated an awesome and a simple way to have the wastegate coming straight out off the ARMS exhaust housing. The S13.5 sounds much more aggressive! Time to hit the dyno at APEXi!


Mike drove down from Sonoma and stopped by Daily Udon & Sushi. Thanks Mike! It was great seeing you again! See you at Formula Drift’s final round! I appreciate your support!


Chris Forsberg noticed that the front Ti wheels didn’t spin freely while the front was jacked into the air. The front brakes needed work to free the friction created between the pads & rotor when the brakes were not in use.



There is no limit when it comes to Kevin Wells! He is very passionate about what he does! Kevin can rebuild anything, engineer any part you dream of, and make race-proven parts! Thanks to him, the brakes are working properly, which  allow the front Ti7 wheels to spin freely!


Looks brand new!


The car will be running on the C16 compared to the 100 octane at the finale at Toyota Speedway (Irwindale) ! See you all there! I’ll keep you updated on

Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

5 Responses to “New Components”

  • Cam Says:

    I will be rooting for you!

  • moses senquiz Says:

    good luck out there joon…….update on my mag project. i finished my first interview and it went well photos came out excellent and i put together pages and layed out the way it would look using my apple programs and it looks having so much fun i really love motorsports. but i still dont have a name and was wondering can you suggest a cool name!! we wanted to use 24/7 speedlounge… but its kinda taken..fastlane was another but also taken any ideas?? again good luck out there joon im always checking how your doing lol

  • Ed.Jeong Says:

    I’ve seen your achivements in this season and very impressed at your drift!! Your passion of drift is amazing and awsome!
    Although this season already ended,I believe that you will be much better in the next year! Good luck, Joon Woo! I’m a fan of you!

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Hey Moses! Great to hear that all is going well! I’ll think of names throughout this week. Thank you very much for the message!

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Hey, thanks Ed! Next year will be even better. The car is dialed in thanks to Kevin Wells and the only thing needed is a good budget, practice, more H.P. etc. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement!

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