Judgment Day Finale



The 2009 Formula Drift Finale at Toyota Speedway was amazing! Arrived Thursday, October 15th to setup the pit area and practiced. The MAXXIS S13.5 felt phenomenal with the extra power that was had from the www.LSauto.com external wastegate setup.

Here is a video that Jay J. made at 29 FRAME.



 During the 1st portion of practice the car felt perfect! Got so comfortable that I ended up tapping the infield wall barely scraping the rear AIT racing bumper. The 3rd gear on the transmission started chipping away during the ladder portion of practice. Had to load the car up the trailer and replaced the 4-speed transmission with a brand new one at CFR.


Sergio Ramirez assembled the new transmission together. The main/tail housing and a bunch of gadgets inside had to be swapped to make the 4-speed transmission work. Kevin Wells, Sergio Ramirez and I finished up by midnight. Couldn’t do it without them!


During Friday’s practice the transmission felt much smoother. I didn’t have to fight with the car to get it into gear. So, it was easier to acquire the necessary speed for drifting the embankment and downshifting in the infield. 


With the throttle wide open in 4th gear, I kicked the ACT clutch riding the high line on the bank, maintained as much speed/angle exiting the bank at and transitioned in 4th gear, made a small yank on the e-brake, went full throttle while hitting the infield clipping zone wall splitting the AIT rear bumper into two pieces and hit the last two clipping points in 3rd gear.


Thank  you for your help during the weekend Josh Baker ( www.twitter.com/joshzt ) ! I appreciate you hunting down the other piece of the AIT racing bumper and zip tying it together!


The MAXXIS S13.5 felt predictable and consistent, so I was able to initiate and transition faster. Qualified 8th with 80.6 points,  speed 1 @ 70.2 m.p.h.  & speed 2 @ 50.7 m.p.h.


Arrived early Saturday morning for the main event! Talked and hung out with many fans throughout the day and had a couple of interviews. Went up against Cody Parkhouse who drove the red 240sx w/ the built vq super charged engine. On our leading run I gave it my all to maintain speed, stayed close to all the zones and clipping points. As a chaser, I stayed 3 car lengths behind and started attacking after the transition in the infield. It’s amazing how much traction the MAXXIS tires provide. We advanced to top 16.


For the top 8 battle, went up against Samuel Hubinette who drove the viper that was designed in honor of Shaun Carlson. I drove as fast as the car allowed and squeezed every drop of juice the MAXXIS S13.5 had as leader and chaser. But, dang! His car is very fast! At that moment, as a chaser, I improvised my driving technique in order to catch up to him!


The run resulted in a One-More-Time. By this time the car was running a bit hot and low on power than before due to my pushing the car so much throughout the entire course. I was trying my best to increase and maintain power by popping the ACT clutch as much and as fast as I can! I ended up carrying too much angle in the infield that gave way to a correction giving Sam the win.


All in all, the MAXXIS S13.5 is phenomenal! I enjoyed the challenge of manipulating the car to drift against the physical forces of gravity during initiation and transition, and, most of all, feeling one with the car that Kevin Wells set up!


Throughout this year’s series, I realized that I had it real good. Finished 17th with 332.75 points and 9 points away from finishing top 16 for the Formula Drift 2009 season. Yes, I wasn’t backed by a major or huge sponsorship but the experiences that I’ve acquired and life’s lessons that I learned from being a privateer are a blessing. So, to end, I want to take this time to thank MAXXIS Tires, LS automotive, CFR, Sergio Ramirez, SAM’S Auto Land, GENIUS Tools, A’PEXi, ACT, Speed O Motive, TOMEI, DG-5, MISHIMOTO, SEIBON,AITracing, Evolution Racewerks, Enjuku Racing, Drift Alliance, S-EMPIRE, MA-Motorsports, Shutoko and ultimately, my fans for sticking by me through thick and thin. Your encouragement and support have been my sustenance. Thank you so much!


Drift Alliance award ceremony. Received best entry from Road Atlanta! Thank you very much Andy Luputka for putting the D.A. competition together and making it exciting for the drivers/fans!

Congrats to Drift Alliance Competition Champion, 2nd place finish for the 2009 Formula Drift Series, 1st place for the finale Ryan Tuerck!

Much respect and congratulations to Chris Forsberg for being the 2009 Formula Drift Champion, 2nd place in Drift Alliance Competition (tie with Vaughn Gitten Jr and JTP coming in 3rd) , 1st place Triple Crown Tire and giving support to other drivers at the same time!




The MAXXIS S13.5 will be displayed at SEMA. ( Central Hall SEIBON )

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  • beto Says:

    Yo Joon great to hear about your season as I followed it on your site.
    Hope you come back next season and maybe ill get a chance to see you compete in person in Seattle as I didn’t get a chance to at Long Beach when I was living in SoCal.
    Keep it up and TONS of Good Luck

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Hey Beto! Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate it! For sure! I’ll see you in Seattle my favorite track! Looking forward to seeing you soon enough! The off season is going to fly on by!

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