Drifting in Panama Preview Edition



 Thursday, January 14th  2010 

Flew out to Panama City for the Xtreme Drift and Free Style event.


·         The players: DA Bro Justin Pawlak, Mike Essa, Matt Powers

·         The crew: Kevin Wells, Ashley Glover, Martin Muench

·         FD staff: Jim Liaw, Steve Choi, Bryan Olfert

 There were billboards of us on the highway, along with posters, banners, advertisements on television, etc. It was a phenomenal experience!panama-figali-convention-drift

A shot of my first pass. I initiated on 2nd gear, aiming towards the far left portion of the track, modulated the throttle and e-brake to feel out the surface, linked it to the other portion of the track, shifted from 2nd to 3rd gear and wasn’t able to spin the NEXEN tires on 3rd gear. At this point, the 2nd gear was…. ( full details along with many more pictures will be will continued on the 14th issue of www.wreckedmagazine.com )


Edisa Y. came by on media day (Friday) and took pictures. The next day, her good friend Marcos came and gave me 2 custom pictures (above): one that was signed for Edisa and the second one for me. I’m so grateful to have met fans like Edisa, Marcos, and her brother. Their gesture of kindness and support fuel me to sustain my passion.


Drove a lap to introduce ourselves and greet the fans. Threw many goodies to the crowd and exited with a couple of donuts to break the ice. We committed to make closure after every session by running a slow lap while waving to the fans as a gesture of gratitude. The crowd went wild! Thanks for the pictures Steve Choi!


Thank you Formula Drift, Xtreme Drift and Free Style, LS Auto, fellow drivers, crew members, and fans for a once-in-a lifetime experience! Hope to experience it again next year!

10 Responses to “Drifting in Panama Preview Edition”

  • Ron Bergenholtz Says:

    Are you driving with your feet in front of the crowd in that last pic???????

  • Cam Says:

    your good at telling stories.

  • N/aontherun Says:

    That picture of you coming out of the sun roof is awesome.

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    I’m working on it. Need to improve. Thanks Cam!

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    It was my first time standing up through the sun roof. Learned something new for introduction. :) Good times!

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Yes sir, sorry Ron. I had to thank and greet the fans with more excitement. I wanted to wave with my two hands, switch it up by pointing to the fans with one hand and the other with a thumb up. I was left with no choice but to steer with my feet. I didn’t push hard on the steering wheel, but very lightly. Didn’t want to hurt or upset my baby (S13.5). :) Thank you so much for always checking out and commenting on my web site!!! Much respect for all of your amazing work, passion and integrity!

  • JOhn Says:

    Congrats Joon on the new sponsor!!! Cant wait to see you tear it up in the RX-8!

  • Patrick Says:

    안녕하새요 Joon Maeng! Ever since I saw your SpeedHunters interview a few months back I’ve been trying to find out as much about you as I could. Your attitude towards your competitors, drifting and fans really inspired me and you are a TRUE role model for me. (열여섯살될거에요.. 다음달부터운전시작해요 ^^) When I move out of Australia to go to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, I will definitely support you at CA events and visit your restaurant – I heard it was in CA.

    Just now I saw on SpeedHunters that you scored a new spot for Bergenholtz Racing with the RX8! I genuinely hope you compete to the best of your abilities and continue to be an inspiration to youngsters like me around the world. 준형-화이팅!!! 올해잘할수있어요!!!

    (Sorry for my bad Korean… forgot a lot of it~)

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Hey Patrick! Thank you for your interest and following up on my web site! It’s my goal to have a positive attitude, uplift everyone’s life if possible, etc. Do your best at all that you do in life! Your Korean is good. Keep up the great work! See ya!

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Thank you John~!!! Me too, I can’t wait! :)

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