Trip Out to New Jersey


Arrived in Wall Speedway along with Brian Benson and Ed Bergenholtz on Thursday 11 AM. I was excited to drive the Full Tilt Poker Mazda Nitto RX-8. All though it had been less than a month since Round 2, it felt like forever waiting for the next round so that I can get back into the driver seat.


Ron Bergenholtz and Kurt Gasper arrived to the track a day prior to us in order to prep. Also, Warren and Allen at Sparco USA came by to drop off my new race suit! Whatcha think?! It’s so nice! Ed designed the new suit. Thanks guys!


Here is my crew chief closing the hood and making sure it’s secure and tight before making my runs on the track!


Time for fun! Got on the track for practice. Off the line, we are at a 15 degree and 30 degrees on the bank; I felt comfortable.


Wall Speedway is tough on the drivetrain. We weren’t the only ones breaking axles for, upon hindsight, a few teams faced issues arising from the track conditions as well.


Mounting on new fresh Nitto NT05 tires.


More evidence to prove that Ron is guilty of diligence! Hahaha~ Nope, that’s exactly the type of person he is and it reflects on the team. He’s a great model and mentor, too.


Lunch time with the team! The extra greasy pizza was delicious! Everyone on the team, as usual, kept a positive and enthusiastic vibe on and off the track. I enjoy and appreciate being on a team that knows when to play and when to work!


It was quite a tough weekend overall at Formula Drift Round 3. I felt great during practice but, with the correction made during qualifying, it prematurely ended my battle to the top. In truth, I was so disappointed with myself but, somehow, I still mustered the energy to smile; I reminded myself that as annoying as it is to have the moment work against you even when you’re as prepared as you can before it, there are more opportunities up ahead and that, for now, it’s just a game of patience because, as tacky as it sounds, I believe and have faith in my dreams.
So, what ended up happening with all the extra time I had for not being on track was catching up on what’s happening with my fans. I had a blast conversing with fans, especially with those who’ve had my back since my inception to the industry. TO MY FANS: I was down but you guys helped me get over myself, so, THANK YOU BEYOND SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE!!!! And, lastly, TO BR’s TEAM: I let you guys down but still you guys showered me with your love and respect. My vernacular isn’t sufficient to appropriately express the gratitude in my heart. My promise to you (since the beginning): I’ll bring it home, Brothers! I’ll bring it home!!!
Through it all, the team and my fans were still supportive and had total faith in me. I’m humbled at such gestures of faith, kindness, and support. I am thankful and blessed! Now, with all the positive energy channeled my way, I feel pumped for the next round! Bring it!!!


Check out this awesome shot. Guess who?

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  • Eason Says:

    Hey man it’s ok, you can’t win them all. On a good note, Last year Tanner Foust didn’t qualify for round three and went on to win round 4! you never know… :)

  • JoonWooMaeng Says:

    Thanks Eason! Evergreen Speedway is going to be awesome! With the more HP this year it should be easier to ride the proper line at my favorite course! Hope you are doing well! See ya!

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