Tour of Bergenholtz Racing’s Garage


 Welcome to the garage of Bergenholtz Racing. It’s a two-car garage and the Full Tilt Poker Mazda Nitto RX-8 underwent a mid-season rebuild. This is where Ron Bergenholtz spends hours on the concrete floor creating the masterpiece.


 Wall of fame and the Pro FWD NHRA Drag Racing Champions back in the days.


 Each side of the wall in the garage has articles and pictres from numerous magazines the team was featured in. The cabinets on those walls contain nuts, bolts, washers, spare parts like ACT clutch, alternator, Mazda Speed Turbo, KW suspension, diff., etc.


 Ron Bergenholtz got the rear bumper and sideskirts painted at Sam’s Auto Land located in Gardena, Ca. It looks like a brand new car once again. But sometimes I scratch the itch on my back. You know what I mean~!?  :)


 Ed Bergenholtz the Champion driving his Mazda on Nitto Tires from way back in the days! 

Bergenholtz Racing is a well respected team and their relationship with their partners and business associates are long term. Team B.R. has been running on Nitto Tires for more than a decade. It’s a proven Champion tire!  Looking good Ed!


 Picture of the team during the time when Ed Bergenholtz was drag racing.  Ron and Ed Bergenholtz told me many great stories and one of them was they had to rebuilt a complete engine at the event within a couple of hours. With phenomenal coordination, communication, and dedication, the team accomplished their task.





This was the car that held the team’s heart, sweat, blood, tears, and diligience. Starting from the left, Vince Tiaga, Nathan Tasukon @ MoTec, Ron Bergenholtz and Ed Bergenholtz. I remember those days when I used to drive a Prelude and drifted it around with the e-brake going 80 mph. It was fun but not nearly as fun with a RWD platform when it comes down to drifting.



The Full Tilt Poker Mazda Nitto RX-8 is nearly stripped of its interior components. Pretty much sitting on 4 floor jacks on its bare chassis.


 Checking the Mazda Speed turbo for wear and tear. It passed and is in good condition.


  Got a new radiator from CSF. This should help keep the Mazda Trix 3 Rotary running cool, especially in the desert heat of Las Vegas!



 I don’t know how Ron Bergenholtz does it. He is not only a phenomenal race car builder/crew chief/team manager/mentor but also an amazing father of 3 adorable boys and a romantic husband to Stacy! Much respect Bro!

I enjoy playing with the Andrew ( Iron Man), Bubba ( flying in his diaper), and Andersen ( next to me smiling while I took this picture).



It’s a true blessing and honor to be the godfather of Andersen Bergenholtz! I will cherish Andersen for the rest of my life! 

Andersen William Bergenholtz was born on July 26th 2010 @ 4:50 P.M. weighing  7Lbs. 10Oz. & 19.5″ tall.



 Here is Ed’s and Jenny’s handsome boy Jensen Bergenholtz who was born on Christmas Day! He is growing fast and is already working hard for he is a model for for all different types of baby products. Yup~ He is well on his way to becoming the next superstar! Good job Jensen! Uncle Joon is so proud of you! Keep up the good work!


 Ron Bergenholtz was kind enough to provide me with the Garrett dual ball bearing turbo for the LS Auto Nitto Tire S13.5! It will produce a good amount of power when driving in Gymkhana Grid, Nasaj, and local track events. The fully built Speed O Motive engine is almost complete.  Aiming for 500 whp.


Buttoning up all the wires and little details. The Full Tilt Poker Mazda Nitto RX-8 got the 3 Rotor engine rebuilt at Mazda Trix, a new Tial external waste gate,  a new visible door handles to pass tech for Formula D, a new location for the switch for the Fire Supression system, a new CSF radiator, a fresh ACT clutch set, a fresh LUCAS engine, a trans., a diff. oil and new diff., and lots of spraying carb cleaners and clean parts.




Got more poker chips on the back of the bumper and planning to go All In @ Formula Drift round 5 in Las Vegas! I’m very happy about and excited to be driving this amazing beast soon!  As I’m blogging, I’ll be leaving in approximately an hour and a half ( Thursday, August 19th 2010, 4 am).  Hope to see you there! If not, log in to for the live stream.

Thank you all for your support! I appreciate it!


Joon Maeng

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