2013 Formula Drift Round 2 Road Atlanta

Fullerton, CA –  Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire traveled to Road Atlanta for Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 2.

Mike Welch at Road Race Engineering and Joon Maeng our driver transported the rig safely to Georgia. “It’s an honor to drive for Lucas Oil, Mav TV, Nexen Tire, R.R.E., S-Empire and to have Mike Welch and the entire Road Race Engineering crew for our Drift Program this season,” says Joon Maeng.

The action packed weekend began with the crew testing out the Belle-1 Racing Communication radio setup.


Formula D Round 2 being a night event the team marketing manager made sure to install LED lights on the Lucas Oil Flag standing 30ft high. The fans were able to spot us from miles away.

While the Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Team was setting up for Thursday practice, fellow neighbors had a couple of questions for our Crew Chief Lod Tongkul.

“I was amazed with our new engine and setup on the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire!” says Joon. “The new Brodix LSX Engine has been de-tuned for less power than the one at Long Beach to be more reliable.” says Lod Tongkul (Crew Chief) The new Brodix engine setup is pushing 650 hp and 640 tq.

Joon Maeng was looking strong all day during the Thursday practice session. The team made a few more changes to get more traction and speed going up into the horse shoe of the Road Atlanta track.

During the competition weekend the team made sure to take down notes and have plenty of data for us to use. “Having this data will help us to be one step ahead of the competition,” Says Sam Chaysavang ( Spotter/Tuner )

Since Thursday Morning till Saturday Evening Joon was swamped with Road Atlanta Fans wanting to take photos and hero cards. “Road Atlanta consists of the most dedicated fans in the entire Formula D Championship, they will even wait for us in the pits after the podium ceremony every season! I love our fans and appreciate all of their support all these years!” says Joon Maeng

Every night the Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire team went through the vehicle to double check all the Power by Max Products, Bink Industries Sway Bars, Feal Suspension and the entire vehicle to make sure the car was ready for the main day! “I’m so thankful to be driving for the best of the best! Lod Tongkul (Crew Chief/Tuner) and the entire crew is so humble and supportive no matter what situation the track throws at us,” says Joon Maeng.


Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Pit was a hit in Road Atlanta and was a fan favorite! Fans from ages 9 months to 60+ year old were full of excitement to meet with Joon Maeng and the crew.

Two hour long line for the Formula Drift Drivers Autograph session. Joon made sure to sign every single fan in line before he had to head back on track. ” Thank you Kevin Lee at Nexus Visuals for designing our new hero cards the fans love it,” says Joon Maeng.

The Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire crew was mounting new Nexen Tires onto the Varrstoen Wheels non-stop as practice was in effect.

Focused and ready for battle!  “Pedal to the metal,” says Joon Maeng.


Best top tier drivers around the world compete here in the Formula Drift Pro Championship.

“Judges were looking for good angle, speed, aggressive style and line. So that was my goal to ace all those categories. Jarod Deanda the Voice of FD may call me Gentle Maeng but there’s not a single drop of gentleness when I’m behind the wheel,” says Joon Maeng

Spyder Auto tail lights and the Weir Performance rear end was a great add on to the 2013 Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire drift program. The Team now has 3 different Weir gears to select from and the Weir Performance Products provides high quality grade ring, pinion and diffs.

These moments are what inspires the team to push hard on track! Thanks for your excitement and positive energy buddy!

Fans wear super happy to receive Lucas Oil hats, products, lanyards, Mav TV koozies, key chains, Nexen Tire Lanyards, Road Race Engineering License plate frames and bunch of our partners goodies. Make sure to visit our pits for the next round of Formula Drift Championship to receive your goods.

Performance Auto and Sound Magazine photo shoot with Andrew Jennings. As normal, each day consisted of media photo shots and interviews. “My marketing manager did an amazing job of scheduling all of our interviews with the busy FD schedule!” says Joon Maeng

“Spoon with Joon” says our Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Fans! “Our fans here in Road Atlanta are so cool and amazing!” says Joon Maeng

Photo By: Cory Conrad

Top 32 Battle against Chelsea Denofa driving the BC Racing BMW was interesting. The team noticed Chelsea’s crew had some car problem so the team made sure to offer any help they needed for the BMW to be at 100%. Once we confirmed that he was going to run with a limping vehicle we changed our setup super loose for less grip. Since he was low on power we wanted to match up our Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire to similar type of situation to make sure we don’t get stuck behind him causing us to straighten out because of his slower speeds. It was a good choice the team made as they were traveling at 15 MPH less on entry compared to the practice sessions. Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire advanced to the top 16.

Top 16 Drivers Introduction Ceremony

Mother nature always plays a role here in Road Atlanta. As it rained on and off Joon had to adapt to the wet conditions in the new Nexen Tires. As Nexen Tire was introduced as the Official Tire sponsor of Lucas Oil Mav TV Drift Program it was Joon’s first time driving the N9000′s in the rain. “After watching other drivers spin out, I told myself to hold back 30% on initiation point. Once the battle was completed I was way off on holding back, I should have held back only 5%. These Nexen Tires are amazing in the wet, they have so much traction! Now I know what they are capable of in the rain, so next time we’ll make sure to advance,” Says Joon Maeng.

“On the lead run The Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire was so fast even in the wet and dry conditions,” says Joon Maeng.

The Team did an amazing job of keeping the Lucas Oil Mav TV S13 Nexen Tire running strong and the fans happy!

We would like to thank you for supporting our partners: Lucas Oil, Mav TV, Nexen Tire, Road Race Engineering, S-Empire, Nexus Visuals, VarrsToen Wheels, Enjuku Racing, Sam’s Auto Land, SPARCO, Holley Performance, Powered By Max, Meziere Enterprises,  Brodix Cylinder Heads , ACT, Aeromotive,  JE Pistons, Westech, APR Performance, Weir Performance, JBA Headers, Seibon Carbon, Rockett Fuel, FEAL Suspension, Turbo by Garrett, LS Auto, K&N, Sikky.


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